Lighting enterprises :
How to do their own brand communication and marketing?

1.Lighting enterprises to join the competition in the market:
marketing idea is the key
The advancement of the Internet, sharing society’s coming, the transparency of
information,the market is no longer a secret. In this regard, the lamp enterprises
how to deal with the sharing of the coming Internet age?How to do their own brand communication and marketing?
All of these are worth pondering the lighting companies.


2.Insight decided to change the brand marketing is very important
The first is to pay attention to high frequency to connect with consumers.
In the era of change, lighting enterprises should learn to use a small budget
for high frequency.The 360 IMC to 365 days continued to spread.
365 days continue to spread, will be continued with the consumer dialogue,
initiated a wave of small communication campaign, when reaching
a certain number of fans, these fans can be spread by social.

Communicate with customers should be the personification of the means of
communication, communication frequency must be high, and should be diversified.
The age of the Internet, in the above link, by the integration of
communication 360 degree to 365 days continued to spread the brand, this is
a great challenge to the lamp enterprises.Therefore, for the lamp enterprises
in the sharing era, the way of marketing will be more transparent.
Marketing and efforts will be more convenient, communication speed will be faster.
So, in the era of sharing type, lighting enterprises also need to change
the marketing strategy of the enterprise and the ways of propaganda.