(Light Middle East) Dubai United Arab Emirates Dubai International City, Architecture and Commercial Lighting Exhibition – is one of the most well-known brand exhibitions in Frankfurt, Germany.
It is also the largest and most authoritative professional exhibition in the world lighting industry one. The exhibition is held every year in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, attracting a large number of lighting industry professionals to the scene.
At present the exhibition has developed into the radiation of the entire Gulf region’s most professional lighting exhibition.
A total of 14,382 professional visitors and buyers from nearly 50 countries and regions participated in the last show, from the UAE, the Gulf countries, the Middle East, Africa, Iran, CIS countries and the Indian subcontinent, attracting retailers and wholesalers all over the world , Designers, architects and other industry experts. Chinese enterprises are still the main force of the exhibition exhibitors, with the buyers of Chinese products, awareness is getting higher and higher, the Chinese exhibitors of the product is also increasing the degree of popularity, especially LED, interior lighting products are very popular
Looking forward to your participation!