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LED lighting market will see a new center of gravity
Source:China’s economy and information technology|Author:Zhongshan One Two Modern Lighting Factory|Publish time: 2015-12-19|56 Views
By 2011, Shenzhen City, only the closure of the LED lighting business more than 80, also in 2011 in Foshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, with the Department of Jin Yicheng the LED lighting business failures. Immediately after Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, LED lighting companies deep collapse of the cold wave. In the winter of 2011, China’s LED lighting industry could feel that cold advent.
 By 2011, Shenzhen City, only the closure of the LED lighting business more than 80, also in 2011 in Foshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, with the Department of Jin Yicheng the LED lighting business failures. Immediately after Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan, LED lighting companies deep collapse of the cold wave. In the winter of 2011, China’s LED lighting industry could feel that cold advent.

However, in contrast with the closures is the field of LED lighting market continues to expand and more and more attention to the attitude of the LED lighting.

In early March, the Ministry of Finance and other ministries for LED products to start the 2012 financial subsidies to promote the project tender, covering indoor and outdoor LED lighting products, subsidies take the indirect way of subsidies. According to informed sources, the proportion of subsidies of about 30% of the purchase price, the total amount is expected to reach hundreds of millions of scale will effectively leveraging LED lighting in particular, the lighting field of bulk users.

Side is the LED business failures chaos side policy Chunfeng unlimited. The most development potential of the emerging industry, production capacity surplus situation can bend? Will face a major reshuffle? Future development pattern in turn happen to?

Blindly into the overcapacity

LED broad market prospects on the outside with a great temptation. China’s semiconductor lighting products market size alone there are over 200 billion, this figure will rise to 50 billion to 60 billion yuan in the size of two or three years, and even some of the LED experts in the field of LED lighting in the domestic market share will reach hundreds of billion dollars.

Changjiang Securities, the research reported in the National Development and Reform Commission predicted that the “12th Five-Year” period, the LED industry is expected to achieve the goal of quadrupling the end of 2015 China’s LED lighting penetration rate of 20%, while the industry generallymore optimistic estimates, is expected to 2015, China Outdoor LED lighting penetration rate of 60% to 80% penetration rate of 25% ~ 30% Indoor commercial LED lighting, indoor home LED lighting penetration rate of about 5% to 10% The overall penetration of the Chinese market, LED lighting will reach or exceed 20%, the rapid growth of the LED lighting market is estimated that from 2012 until 2015.

Is such an enormously attractive market, attracted many enterprises herd blindly snatch. But there most of the “eat crab” who has not only tasted the sweetness turned out to compete for a pioneer on the road.

LED lighting industry access threshold is low, many small-scale enterprises of small workshops can easily access. But these only want enterprises to enter the “money” just blind speculation the concept of energy saving, but can not be truly energy saving. The face of fierce market competition and rising raw material costs brought about by the pressure, these companies do not hesitate to sacrifice the quality of the cost of blindly rely on the price war to compete. Blindly into the low-end competition, leading the LED lighting market chaos, it is difficult to manage.

Shenzhen LED Industry Federation Member Services Vice Minister Tian strong view that the price war is certainly not the ultimate goal, in fact, truly large-scale LED will not choose this strategy. Closed down in 2011 although a number of small and medium enterprises, however, like the ground on the optical and other annual sales of over billion enterprise, and even sales of more than two $ 30 million of the lighting business remains steady development, have increased the LED layout.

Technology is the core of the LED industry

The reporter has learned that Shenzhen LED technology and product research, development, production and application of the enterprises of about 2,000, most of the technical areas are LED packaging and application. High-tech enterprise engaged in the LED 97, 3.5% in 2835 accounted for only Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprise. Related enterprises in Shenzhen City, belong to only one of the chip production, the production of vital semiconductor materials, phosphor production enterprise is a no.The LED industry is facing reshuffle, the technology may become the decisive factor.

Research Center of CCID Consulting, the basis of the electronics industry, deputy general manager Zhang Xiaokang, “China Economic and Information Technology, said:” LED is a new high-tech industries, government support, corporate money can not solve all the problems, the lack of core technical staff has become the bottleneck of the development of enterprises, only the technology first, the square is the best policy. ”

According to reporter understanding, the global field of LED technology and patents, more than half of the small number of large companies of the United States, Japan, Germany and other developed countries in the Nichia Chemical of Japan, Japan’s Toyoda Gosei, U.S. the cree company, Europe, Philips, Europe Osram In order to maintain competitive advantage, maintaining its market share in number of patent applications, covering almost the raw materials, equipment, packaging, application, including the entire industrial chain.

Clearly, the industry giant patent monopoly, hindering the development of China’s LED business.According to the IC industry “12th Five-Year Development Plan” (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”), of China’s IC high-end universal chips 2010 imports amounted to $ 157 billion, seven years in a row for the first bulk import of goods. Therefore, the “planning”: the focus on national strategies and focus on the whole demand, guide and support the superior unit as the basis, focus on the development of common key technologies.

LED technology the bottleneck has always been known for the industry. Zhang Xiaokang deep the same feeling: the LED industry is currently facing the downstream market interrupted, the upper reaches of the lack of experience of core technical personnel, technical staff development time to have more than three years. Couple of years, dug up enough strength and technical personnel and experienced front-line operator, will businesses survive to the next round of rapid growth of one of the key factors.

Xu Yan, Rong Wen, Guangdong Province Energy Group Co., Ltd., director of marketing, told the publication, the LED light source, after all, the new, the development of the whole industry, but a decade or so, the technology is mature and takes time to precipitate technically reflects the lack of a normal phenomenon.

In fact, LED companies are also aware of the importance of technology. Zhang Xiaokang said: “A lot of companies often fly to the United States, Russia and other countries to learn from, like the planing of the sapphire substrate producing method, Czochralski method, and so on.”

At present, the domestic technology, patented LED enterprises have applied for the patent also confirmed this. The LED lighting industry in the Pearl River Delta, for example, the LED lighting industry in Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City, the highest concentration of total LED lighting over 2,600 enterprises, accounting for nearly half of the domestic LED output value.

According to the relevant responsible person said that the State Intellectual Property Office, the LED patent applications in Shenzhen City ranks first in the country. As of February 2010, the Shenzhen Municipal Intellectual Property Research and Statistics, Shenzhen LED lighting patent applications in the field of about 384, including 113 invention patents, utility model patents, 271.

In fact, LED enterprises, persistent enthusiasm is largely due to state and local governments to the industry to support efforts to continue to increase.

2009 Development and Reform Commission and other departments jointly announced the development of semiconductor lighting industry views; the same year, the Ministry of Science and Technology launched the “10 City, 10000,” semiconductor lighting applications Model Cities program; May 2011, Beijing, Changzhou, Hefei, Qingdao, 16 cities of Guangzhou, Haikou, Baoji, is recognized as the second installment of “10 City, 000” model city; November, the NDRC issued the “phase out the incandescent route map”; February 24, 2012 day laborers letter issued by the Ministry of IC industry “12th Five-Year Development Plan.”

The local government of the LED industry with great enthusiasm, huge amounts of money, land, taxation, technology development, the introduction of qualified personnel, equipment purchases, and many other aspects of the LED industry to implement substantial preferential policies.

LED semiconductor lighting industry in Guangdong Province as a priority the development of strategic and emerging industries. “Zhang Tianyi, General Manager of CCID Consulting, Guangzhou Branch Industry Research Center, said:” During the second five strategic emerging industries Guangdong Province invested a total of 100 billion, then the annual 20 billion in the second five in the first year, 4.5 billion investment to foster the LED industry, fully demonstrates the great importance of the Guangdong Province of the LED industry. ”

The industry insider, the LED terminal lighting market will officially enter the national policy to promote a strong phase is expected to enter a period of rapid growth. Incandescent light output and domestic sales in 2010 were 3.85 billion and 1.07 billion, the 2012 China will gradually ban incandescent light, the next three to five years, the state subsidy of about $ 8 billion to 10 billion yuan for the LED industry, the terminal rate of price subsidies are estimated to be 30% to 50%, the subsidies could total $ 16 billion to 20 billion yuan.

The policies of the government on the LED lighting subsidies and support, indicating that China’s determination to popularize LED lighting, LED application market situation will also be significantly expanded.

“Good policy, a vast market, however, the LED industry is facing capacity for surplus situation, the corporate reshuffle is inevitable. Enterprises with core competitiveness, management confusion, this impact will not stick, and many enterprises have begun to think about their own market positioning and product adjustment. “Zhang Xiaokang told reporters.

The new center of gravity of the LED market

LED lighting as LED industry downstream applications part of the future, with the development of LED lighting industry and the market, LED lighting products, part of the industrial scale will be far greater than the scale of the LED in the upstream industry. “He believes that views on the industry should be gradually changed, not the semiconductor lighting as the application of part of the LED industry, but rather to look at the LED light source (chip, package, module) as the upstream part of the lighting industry after the semiconductor lighting trends will be semiconductor re turned to the re-lighting.

“At present, the size of the LED lighting industry has not yet achieve the desired one of the reasons is due to price high to lead to commercial and residential interior lighting in the domestic market has not yet started, large-scale production of these products manufacturers in the export, but LED lighting products directly to consumers, the market sensitivity of a high center of gravity of business sales will be adjusted according to market conditions quickly. ”

Last year, in order to address the high price of LED products predicament, the ground on the optical formed by virtue of mass production at the strong bargaining power, to promote the product in raw material prices reduced by 20% to 30%, a 50% decline in overall product cost. There is no doubt that this will increase the ground on photovoltaic right to speak in the price of LED products.

Since then, another one LED lighting companies Huizhou Light Engine Co., Ltd. in January of this year, the project settled in Huizhou, Guangdong Zhongkai High-tech Zone, covers an area of 130,000 square meters, invested about 300 million yuan. It is reported that the project in May this year to commence in the first half of 2012, After the completion of the annual value of 20 billion yuan, the tax is 50 million yuan to solve more than 1,500 people employment.

LED lighting companies rush to open the local market, seemed to confirm such an objective: the development of LED industry will gradually whereabouts of the domestic market. Zhang Xiaokang pointed out that China is the world’s largest lighting products producer and the consumer market. The future, the lighting will be incandescent, energy saving lamps to the LED light source, the upgrading of the LED light source (LED industry in the upstream) will be mainly in the domestic market demand of supply downstream lighting manufacturers. Downstream sales of LED lighting manufacturers will face foreign and domestic markets.

Along with business sales have gradually shifted the focus of the domestic market, domestic enterprises to the new competitive landscape may also be formed.

Optoelectronics, Shanghai to think twice on the ground as the first group of enterprises to enter the field of LED semiconductor lighting industry in the industry in the leader position, however, when Samsung, LG, Hisense, Skyworth, TCL, and other domestic and foreign brands have increased their LEDTV when the proportion of investment, it is difficult to say the industry leader throne gets perhaps the statistics of the industry of the first half of the top ten, after six months has changed. “Zhang Xiaokang said.

Analysts believe, Philips, Osram, GE, Nichia, Cree is currently the top five suppliers in the global LED lighting market, and have access to the Chinese market, but China’s civilian areas is not yet universal, mainly in the Highways commercial engineering, quality, technology, brand, channel is the key to competition in the future. “With the reshuffle of the industry, the LED lighting industry in China will gradually strong Hengqiang pattern.